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The more stories I’ve added to Medium, the more pressing it’s become to introduce some kind of organisation to the work submitted. Lists seem to be the ideal tool for this, so utilising some I’ve separated my fiction from non-fiction, and my erotic work from (for the want of a better word) my vanilla writing.

Want to know about Posy — the person behind the ‘pen’ ? — there’s an About Me story, but much of my life leaks into the writing on this list

Want to indulge in the erotic fiction that I craft? Use this list, or perhaps my ‘serialised fiction’ link. Although I’m a ‘cis’ woman and happily married, I have kinks and curiosities aplenty to share.

I’m often inspired by the lyrics of songs — so there is a list for those, so Spicy Rock’n’Roll is an anthology of tales using the music business with all its participants and hangers on as a backdrop.

Spicy Rock'n'Roll Stories

20 stories

Don’t have much time to read? Try my Micro-Fiction list where I’ve catalogued all my stories under 5 minutes long.



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