Posy Churchgate
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I was out with my best friend for lunch. My handbag was under the table, but while we mulled over dessert I checked my phone — several missed calls and a voicemail from my husband.

“I’d better just see what he wants,” I dialled.

The bottom had already fallen out…

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Erotic Fiction, Part Two

Start with part one — or dive straight in…

Rae swung open the door to the bar. She was immediately assaulted by a wall of noise — heavy, pulsing rock music overlaid with rowdy banter and laughter. …

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Part Three

Read a day in the life of a MILF, Tina’s weekend house-sitting or join Tina and BFF Lisa right now …

“Come in babe!”

Tina stepped into Lisa’s arms, and was enveloped in a cloud of Space NK perfume. Lisa’s house was neat as a pin, like always, and Tina…

Fiction Recommendations

Sit yourself comfortably, I’ll tell you Twelve of my tales

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I first discovered Medium as a reader. The articles available impressed me with their quality as well as variety. After expressing my interest in a few topics, there was always a bumper crop from which to choose my free reads.

Seated sexy female wears over the knee black laced up boots and a bodycon black dress
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Erotic Fiction, Part One

Content warning: Mind control. In this D/s dynamic, the slave puts her trust totally in her dominant’s hands regarding boundaries

Her heart beat loudly in her chest as she knelt in the prescribed position — naked & submissive — her hands were lowered, her knees spread and her eyes fixed…

Posy Churchgate

Writes fiction, Editor for TantalizingTales. I began with erotica but am diversifying. Love to support new talent. Find more at https://posychurchgate.com

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