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Posy Churchgate
Seagull flying over the Atlantic ocean during sunrise in Ocean City, Maryland
Image by Jason Pischke on Unsplash

I was out with my best friend for lunch. My handbag was under the table, but while we mulled over dessert I checked my phone — several missed calls and a voicemail from my husband.

“I’d better just see what he wants,” I dialled.

The bottom had already fallen out of his world, it was about to fall out of mine.

“Sam’s dead.”


“My brother Sam — he’s had an accident on his bike and he’s dead. I’m sorry to spoil your meal, don’t hurry home, there’s nothing you can do.”

My stomach was gripped with cold fingers and…

B/W image of girl in kinky boots carrying a typewriter

It began in my childhood, with cutting paper for tiny little notebooks which I would sew or staple together. It progressed when I was given a toy typewriter. My mother regularly worked at her typewriter. Crafting articles for magazines, she wrote longer fiction in her spare time. I wanted to be a writer too, I admired her.

I had small successes: stories in the school magazine and poetry published in an international children’s magazine. But my dreams of being a journalist didn’t materialise because I chose a different path. Decades later, I discovered blogging and saw my opportunity. …

Woman surrounded by magical mist
Image by Dieter Robbins from Pixabay

Fey Folk Series

I balanced the sticky tray of drinks high on my shoulder to weave a route through the crowded tent, giving a wide berth to the guys on table 7, who seemed to be celebrating, with repeated orders for champagne. They were handsy, my short skirt and the logoed white blouse of a hospitality girl offered scant protection.

Outside the tent the music festival was a huge success. The weather was breezy and bright. Dance beats and synthesizer music warred with a familiar guitar solo from the main stage. Inside our tent, DJs, musicians and their entourages were chilling in roped-off…

Image courtesy of Sassy Cat

My romance with a sexy younger man began at a Christmas party and, despite the age gap, we acted on our desires. What happens when Hamish throws a New Years Eve party? Previous episodes (1, 2, 3)

It had been a whirlwind getting to know Hamish while staying at my parents’ home rather than on my own turf. I felt I was in an alternate universe. Perhaps that’s why I hadn’t let the difference in age between us march in with hobnail boots and trample the fragile green buds of our new romance.

Real life, however, would penetrate the dream…

Getting some Sprinkles in my Vanilla Sex Life

View of an adult sex shop window with mannequins in underwear and sex toys on display
Image courtesy of Michael Gaida on Pixabay

My kink journey took the slow scenic route! As a teenager I was convinced I was streaking ahead, trying out self pleasure before my friends (but perhaps only before they were prepared to admit it) I was made curious by all the sexy passages I read in ‘bonkbuster’ books. My reading progressed to more overtly sexual content in novels — at 18 I’d read Emanuelle, Delta of Venus and several volumes of The Pearl (Victorian erotica sourced from underground pamphlets printed in that rather sexually-repressed era).

Two adventurous boyfriends helped me explore…

Silhouette of a M/F couple kissing/ in a romantic embrace
Image courtesy of Free Photos on Pixabay

Take my Breath by The Weekend has a catchy tune and the sound is upbeat. It’s clearly about a relationship which I’m guessing is quite a new one. Why? Because she has a kink that he isn’t fully on board with. CW: discusses erotic asphyixiation.

The guy in the song is happy to indulge his girl’s fantasy. He’s aware of her desire to ‘live on the edge’ but he raises concerns when at the height of passion Baby says “take my breath away…” and is willing to “risk it all to feel alive.”

He is not sure he wants their…

Legs donning fishnets tights
Image by Jacek Abramowicz from Pixabay


I’m excited getting ready for my birthday treat, which has been cloaked in secrecy, but my B/f (known to everybody as Hatter since his time at boarding school) told me to wear something pretty and accessible, and to be ready at 3.30 pm on the dot.

I’ve spent the day pampering myself. I scheduled intimate waxing, so that box was ticked, but I’ve shaved my legs and armpits, washed and styled my long hair into loose waves and moisturised all over with cream and matching fragrance. My makeup looks natural, plus false eyelashes.

I choose a fishnet and lace bodystocking…

Posy wears white over the knee socks and stands on tip-toe
Image : Posy Churchgate copyright 2021

Once I started sharing my photos on my blog, my go-to choice of image was usually those showing my legs or ‘pins’ as they used to be called.

A favourite way to ‘dress’ my legs is in over the knee socks. The image I’ve used, which inspired my discussion of this song from my youth, is just a simple one wearing cream socks, with me on tip-toe.

I’m not very tall, so standing on tip-toe helps. Sometimes I have to resort to asking other people to reach things down when items are above my head; not just at home (with…

Ethereal woman in woodland at night, lit with fireflies
Image: Artie_Navarre on Pixabay

Fey Folk Series

Mortal girl Sukie has travelled to Faery on a mission to rescue Prince Pashkin, who was kindnapped soon after her she met him. He’d proposed to her but, suspecting a faery trick, she turned him down. Pashkin knew from a magical portent that Sukie was his destiny. With her mother, who she discovered had regularly visited the enchanted lands, and her mother’s fae lover Thea, Sukie’s quest has taught her to trust in magic, used tarot, chrystals and nature spirits to progress their quest. Now they’ve tricked Pashkin’s captor, then bargained for his escape, what does the future hold? …

Black & white spaniel relaxing
Image by midasbram on Pixabay

When I was young I fervently wanted to believe that unicorns were real. I read a lot of stories about mythical beasts and by far the most appealing was the pale coated horse-like creature with a twisted golden horn protruding from its forehead. I think it’s rarity and the fragility of its life also grabbed my attention- so many people wanted to piggyback off or benefit from the magic a unicorn could impart, it was no wonder unicorns were skittish and wary. If I had been a princess in olden times — a feature of so many of my imaginary…

Posy Churchgate

Writes fiction, Editor for TantalizingTales. I began with erotica but am diversifying. Love to support new talent. Find more at

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