Posy Churchgate
Cartoon style image of a het couple kissing, seen on a cafe wall in Oxford
Image taken by Posy_Churchgate in Black Sheep Cafe

Is there any comfort to be found?

Seagull flying over the Atlantic ocean during sunrise in Ocean City, Maryland
Image by Jason Pischke on Unsplash

Young woman modelling a sexy fox-themed outfit
Image courtesy of Viki on Pixabay

Submission | Sex Toys

In a relationship is via webcam, Jeannie’s dominant sends her a sexy parcel to watch her play

A guy who enjoy’s wearing ladies knickers
Image courtesy of Mr Morsel

Kink |Men in Lingerie

With the house to himself, a panty-lover can indulge his kink

Young woman holding paper shopping bags
Image courtesy of gonghuimin4683 on Pixabay


A shoplifter unwillingly pays an unpleasant price

Stone steps going up
Image from Pixabay

Micro Monday

The loser would be at the mercy of the winner and Faye longed to have him at her feet

Posy Churchgate

Writes fiction, Editor for TantalizingTales. I began with erotica but am diversifying. Love to support new talent. Find more at https://posychurchgate.com

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